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Whether you’re a beginner looking for a place to start or a seasoned veteran looking to master new techniques, Expansive Academy’s Inner Circle has everything you need  TO PRODUCE HIT HOUSE MUSIC TRACKS.


Discover The "Success Path" To Make House Music Production Simple

Unlock your potential with actionable, step-by-step guidance that produces professional-sounding tracks. Develop essential skills with that allow you to easily understand, implement and master professional house music production techniques, led by industry expert Jon Kong:

Master the essential art of sound selection to craft the perfect drum loop to set every single one of your projects and ideas up for success right from the start. .
(Included with Membership)
Get your kick and bass working together perfectly to deliver the deep, powerful low end that you simply must have to be successful in the house music scene. .
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Craft unforgettable moments in your tracks by using tried and tested techniques to build tension and anticipation before unleashing explosive energy on the drop.
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Weekly Tutorials That Keep You on the Cutting Edge

Every week we share an in-depth workshop on a specific, timely technique that you can instantly use to elevate your production, mixing or mastering. Some of our past workshops (which you’ll get full access to) include:

Bring out the full potential of your pianos by learning the FX, processing, presets and more that created a hit record on Armada Subjekt.
(Included with Membership)
Learn the secrets behind loud, punchy drum mixes that will have top labels like Repopulate Mars queueing up to sign your demo.
(Included with Membership)
Follow a proven process to get your vocals to stand out in your mix whether you’re using a live vocalist or vocal samples.
(Included with Membership)
Leverage the latest technology to master your demo to the professional standard… using only one plugin.
(Included with Membership)
Cut through all the jargon and learn practical, useable techniques to help you unlock the power of compression.
(Included with Membership)
Attract and keep adoring fans with rich, layered basslines that sound amazing on all sound systems.
(Included with Membership)
Step ahead of the competition by using this often-overlooked technique to add an expensive, professional feel to your productions.
(Included with Membership)
Learn the do’s and dont’s of using headphones so you can achieve studio-quality mixes without breaking the bank on expensive equipment.
(Included with Membership)
Build your go-to mastering chain by learning all the essential tips and techniques that professional engineers use.
(Included with Membership)
Change the game by designing your own custom kick drums from scratch, with minimal effort or processing.
(Included with Membership)
Learn the ins and outs of this versatile and iconic bass sound to infuse your tracks with a timeless sound - no matter which genre you produce.
(Included with Membership)
Say goodbye to long mixing sessions fine-tuning every little detail and open the door to crystal clear mixes by letting your sidechainer do the work for you.
(Included with Membership)
Clean up your mixes and avoid the crucial mistake that holds so many producers back from the pro sound they’ve always dreamed of.
(Included with Membership)
Become the next star of the underground by mastering the raw, lofi drum sound made famous by the likes of Michael Bibi, PAWSA & Solid Grooves.
(Included with Membership)
(Brand new tutorials added every week!)

A Community That Answers All Your Questions

Our members-only private community is made up of hundreds of skilled and generous house music producers from all over the globe who are ready to answer ALL your production, mixing and mastering-growth questions at any time, day or night.

What is Expansive Academy's Inner Circle?

Whether you're an aspiring music producer aiming for a breakthrough or an established artist wanting to refine your craft, the Inner Circle by Expansive Academy has all you need to elevate your music production skills to new heights.

Membership comes with everything a modern producer could desire, including: mastery over production, mixing, and mastering techniques used by chart-topping house music artists (so you're always a cut above your competitors), access to Jon Kong's coveted studio secrets (so even complex sound design gets done right, the first time), and weekly tutorials with cutting-edge approaches (so you're constantly upgrading your skill set).

The Inner Circle is a shortcut to success for any house music producer

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